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BOM Error

Question asked by Robert Smith on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Scott Harvey



I have had an issue with a models cut list which i hope someone can shed some light on.


I had made a full model and made up its cut list, then i picked out all the parts to make into individual pieces so i could then make up an assembly of the individual pieces.


I have linked the Cut list for my individual pieces through the parent model. So when i go to the cut list properties for the pieces it comes up saying ''linked to parent part etc''


Somehow between the main model and the individual part i have lost material in my cut list but not the model. Both Models measure the corner posts of my frame at 2150mm long and the parent model states in its cut list that its 2150mm long but my individual parts cut list states its 2100mm long. As you can imagine they have gone and cut the material at 2100mm and not 2150mm.