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    Lines not showing in drawing

    Kevin Chisholm

      Hi everyone,


      We just changed our SW to 2015 and some of our assembly drawings are missing lines.

      In my assembly, I have a part modeled with imported parts and it seems like that part is causing

      the problem. I deleted the part and my line shows up. Here are some screenshots of my assembly:

      View of assembly with part deleted:


      Here are a few things that I've tried so far:


      1- Made sure there were no interference

      2- Updated my graphic card driver to SW recommended

      3- Made sure the line wasn't hidden

      4- Started from the left view (which shows the line) and projected until I got the right view

      and still the line wasn't showing up.

      5- Set my image resolution in options to high

      6- Ran out of ideas and came here!


      Thanks for any help!

      Kevin Chisholm