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Lines not showing in drawing

Question asked by Kevin Chisholm on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by Ron Chappell

Hi everyone,


We just changed our SW to 2015 and some of our assembly drawings are missing lines.

In my assembly, I have a part modeled with imported parts and it seems like that part is causing

the problem. I deleted the part and my line shows up. Here are some screenshots of my assembly:

View of assembly with part deleted:


Here are a few things that I've tried so far:


1- Made sure there were no interference

2- Updated my graphic card driver to SW recommended

3- Made sure the line wasn't hidden

4- Started from the left view (which shows the line) and projected until I got the right view

and still the line wasn't showing up.

5- Set my image resolution in options to high

6- Ran out of ideas and came here!


Thanks for any help!

Kevin Chisholm