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Driveworks vs Design Tables.

Question asked by Aulio Vasquez on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by David Mandl

I've been working on a project with Driveworks Solo Trial version, we are doing fine, actually it meets all of our requeriments. Our VAR, however, insist in the use of design tables (evidently is way cheaper).


I agree, driveworks is just a fancy way to use design tables with some incredibles add-ins, but I have some doubts on advantages and disadvantages on both:


Before answers, consider that none of our design team or engineers have programming skills.

1) Is there a way that DT or macros drives new generations and locations as DW does? I have "Same but different" models but I need to store every new generated piece in the "Customer folder"

2) Can DT at least drive file name?

3) If I drive in DW the file name: MasterModel.sldasm > GeneratedModel.sldasm, then I generate a new model with the same name (GeneratedModel, same location, different specifications) Does it changes the previous model or it just opens it again?


Thanks you guys