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best method to extract BOM from ePDM?

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Dipak Shah



We are struggling mightily to extract a BOM programmatically from ePDM. The BOM originates from a Solidworks Assembly. The BOM must originate from there due to the necessary link to Item Numbers in Drawings.... Long story.


We have worked for months build a robust and stable method to extract this BOM with zero luck. Our VAR does not dabble in API automation so no luck there.


We are currently utilizing xml extracts on workflow transitions but that is only successful about 60% of the time and does not work at all if the assembly is checked out. (I would like the previous version.)


We have looked at the sample code but when we went down that track the only way we could make it work was to have ePDM extract each cell of each row one at a time. This would be fine as well but we were forced to extract the ENTIRE table for each cell. This was taking 45 minutes+ per BOM!


Can anyone give us a way to do this that is reliable, stable and robust? It needs to work on a 300-ish row with about 20 columns BOM in less than a minute. This BOM originates from Solidworks.


We are running Solidworks and ePDM 2015.


All I am looking for is a general direction. We are fully capable of taking the ball and running, the problem we have is we do not know anything about the ball or direction to run! Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.