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Trouble with Mates in 2015

Question asked by Frank Phelps on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Frank Phelps

First off let me say I am importing Altium STEP files and I have had crazy little things happen before that make it hard to use certain mates but never to this extreme extent.  I am mating two PCB boards together.  I can use one mate to align the mounting holes of the PCB to the stand off PEMS of the other.  After that when I try to align another set of wholes to straighten out the board it simple tells me it cant do it and how far apart from mating they are.  Even though they should automatically mate up as has happened in previous editions.  When trying a work around and aligning the planes of the two models the same thing happens.  It tells me it cant do it and the angle difference that they are currently apart. Has anyone else experienced these problems with 2015?  Thanks in advance for the insight.