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cleaning up drawing

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Andy Sanders

So I have seen drawing files of multiple parts on a single piece of paper, it was done in ACAD and it looks... half decent, anyway. (Im a fan of a dedicated sheet to a part but its not my call). So I have been trying to cram as many parts as I can onto a sheet and keep it legible. I was hoping to post a jpg or pdf of what I got, and just see what you think would be a good way to clean it up. (not something they really went over in the SW course I took ). The fab guys dont really understand some of the symbols (27mm Thru (counterbore symbol)(dia)80 (down) 25) so they like a hatch view... and then the lines. (oh those lines... just turn it into a hay stack) just need a few tips.


The idea is that someone doesnt have to flip through 15 pages to find a part.


Note: after exporting to PDF it doesnt look tooooo bad, little over lap on a couple dimensions but still want some input from the pros.