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    Gap control option and forming a solid from surfaces

    Ebrahim Kolahdouz

      Hi there,

      I have been trying to form a solid from a bunch of surfaces in SW and I ran into some problems.  I  made offset surfaces from my initial STL file and then knitted different portions together. Then I try to do one final knitting by connecting all the sub-knit surfaces to form a solid. However, I noticed the "try to form a solid" option is inactive. I defined new off-set surfaces from the tiny chips the gap control window identified and rebuilt the knitted surfaces. Still, I don't seem to be able to form the solid. Only when I disable the gap control option, the "try to form a solid" option becomes activated which is great but when I hit Okay, it apparently doesn't make the solid body yet. The way I verify this is through making an extrude cut hole in the object. When the object is still a hollow shell, I'm not able to make that hole (tunnel) inside the body. I spent a lot of time on this and it's getting kinda frustrating now :-/..so I would appreciate it if you SW experts out there could make a comment on this or see what I am doing wrong in the attached file. thank a lot in advance for your help!

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          Mike Price

          Haven't looked at your model, but....


          For whatever reason, sometimes SW will not form a solid even though a knitting feature creates a watertight volume.  Sometimes you just have to knit them together, and then go back and do a thicken, checking the create a solid body.....box.


          You look for any blue edges, which indicate that the surface is not an enclosed volume.


          I will take a look at your model in a little bit in the event you still have a problem and also if nobody else responds (which is unlikely )


          OK, you have a bunch of open surface issues with the model.  To find them you need to do the following:


          Select the surface body from the surface body folder




          Then go to tools-> check




          Then you will be given a list of where the open surfaces are (edited this to show "Selected Items" rather than "All" selected)


          surf 4.jpg



          There will be some areas that may need to be fixed back in your knit operations.  You can use a filled surface to fill in gaps or just use a loft or a boundary and then knit those.  Then on areas where there are more weird surfaces, you can just delete faces and then clean them up.


          If you get stuck, let us know.