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Circular pattern axis data within a drawing

Question asked by Dave Paul on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by Dave Paul

I am trying to set a pointer to the RefAxis object for the CirPattern8 feature within a drawing file


1. drawing file open

2. In the Feature tree, under the Drawing View1, "CirPattern8" is selected

3. Check that the feature is a "CirPattern" (swFeature.GetTypeName2 = "CirPattern")

4. Pass the feature object to the PatternData subroutine


Trying to figure out why on line 10, "swAxis" object sets to Nothing, so the "GetRefAxisParams" method cannot be used.


Sub PatternData(swCPFeature As SldWorks.Feature)

  Dim swCPData As SldWorks.CircularPatternFeatureData
  Dim swAxis As SldWorks.Feature
  Dim swCPAxis As SldWorks.RefAxis
  Dim bolReturn As Boolean

  Set swCPData = swCPFeature.GetDefinition
  swCPData.AccessSelections swModel, Nothing
  Set swAxis = swCPData.Axis  <==  This gets set to nothing
  Set swCPAxis = swAxis.GetSpecificFeature2
  Debug.Print "Total instances: " & swCPData.TotalInstances
  Debug.Print "Angle: " & Round(swCPData.Spacing * 180 / (4 * Atn(1)) / swCPData.TotalInstances)
End Sub


I need another pair of eyes to find the issue.


Thank you - Dave