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How to remove appearance from every frame of a motion study?

Question asked by Kevin Limtao on Jul 2, 2015

To give some background, I am currently working on a motion study that has a small number of components (15-20 parts) moving around in space. Somehow, one of my parts changed colors (in the assembly) and that change propagated to the entire motion study.


I went back to the model view and there is absolutely no appearance change that was made to the part. It seems like it is only happening in the motion study I have created. When I open a new motion study, the color change does not exist either.  I have tried several different ways of removing the appearance. I tried selecting every key point in the motion study and then removing the appearance (both individually and using select all). Unfortunately, this did not seem to work. The appearance always gets removed, but when I move to a different time point the appearance comes back.


Do you have any suggestions for how I can remove the appearance of a part in a motion study? Specifically removing the appearance from the entire motion study. I am hoping that I don't need to completely start over.


Thank you!