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Why is the note text not centered in the border in SW2015?

Question asked by Jody Wilkerson on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by Jody Wilkerson

We just switched to SW2015 SP3.0 and found this issue with text not being centered in the border. We use circular and triangle border notes on our drawings to denote revisions and note call-outs. In SW2015 the text is no longer centered in the border. See the drawing below. In the circular border notes drawn in SW2014, the text is centered. The ones drawn in SW2015 are not.


Note Border.JPG


After doing some investigation I found that if I change the Document Properties/Annotation/Notes/Text Font Height from "Points" to "Units" it fixes the problem. I also noticed that with the Font Height set to Points the "Space:" is grayed out. When Units is selected, the "Space:" is not grayed out and editable. See below.


SW2015 Font Height Points.JPGSW2015 Font Height Units.JPG


Why did SolidWorks change this? We don't want to have to change the Height from Points to Units in every drawing that we have to add these notes to.


Has anyone else had this problem and is SolidWorks going to fix this anytime soon?