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Are you using edrawings 2015?

Question asked by James Pare on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by James Pare

Okay, once again I downloaded the latest version of a software & hope to see at least something get fixed, (try again later)


How is everyone liking the new edrawing interface? Anyone having any issues????

I do like the new look, but I can't get over some of the lost of functionality:

There are (2) items that really are the biggest issue:


  • Selection issues

When 1st opening an edrawing there are no issues selecting an item on the screen, but as you select more & more items something occurs where you start selecting thru items & picking stuff behind your intended detail.


  • Annotations & 3D views

When using 3D views / annotations there are occurrences where the annotations will not show up until the screen is rotated.


There are some other bugs that I consider minor but I would still like them fixed:

  • - Component tree not in the proper order as SWX model (this is hit or miss)
  • - Component tree not full screen
  • - HLR edges not visible once a part is hidden & shown
  • - View normal to surface now hidden in section tool
  • - Cannot not hide annotations as we did in 2014
  • - Annotations cannot be hidden when saving  / opening an edrawing – all must be visible
  • - Cannot rotate a detail along an axis that is not square to grid
  • - Section views can only be dragged from the plane; different than the 2014 format
  • - Cannot tack any of the new tabs, ex. can’t measure & open component tree
  • - Configuration tabs hidden or not as easy to use as previous version


I will admit that some items have been fixed:

  • - Measure command only working once
  • - Selection of part not showing in component tree
  • - Selection of part in sub assembly does not scroll down in component tree
  • - ID flags were not present


Some people would say I bitch too much on the forums, but all I am trying to do is get my & yours software as good as possible.

We pay a small fortune is annual subscription fees & I expect to get improvements & results

The squeaky wheel gets the grease & if you don't tell anyone things will never get fixed

SP0.0 you will see issues, SP1.0 most things should be addressed, SP4.0 & we are still dealing with this stuff?