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Can anyone tell the rules how each member is oriented in weldment structural feature, when it is created on two different sketches with several sketch segments?

Question asked by Ramunas Zebarauskas on Jul 1, 2015



our company is developing add-in for SolidWorks and uses Weldment creation using SolidWorks API. We are sending weldment creational

parameters to various analysis system and later on we read that data from analysis systems in order to create weldments. But before

the creation process starts we show some graphical preview of how the members will look when they will be created. So in this

step it very important to know the rules of how each member in weldment structural feature is oriented (rotation angle)

when it is created on a two different sketches?


See model screenshots below (the example model itself 12-ojo fasado remas.SLDPRT is attached to the question):



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