Graham Neale

'Open files' network slowdown

Discussion created by Graham Neale on Jul 12, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by Jocelyn Theberge

Has anyone had experience of this problem?
Open an assembly from the server. It maybe takes an average of 2 minutes to load. If I later try to open the same assembly but those files are open by another user(s) it is up to 5-6 times slower to load! Obviously, I will be gettting a 'read-only' copies of the files in use if the other user(s) has write access but why is this causing quite such a drastic hit on performance?
I have narrowed it down to this read/write access issue as if I set the Options setting to 'Load all referenced files as read-only' then the loading time returns to normal. This would be a pain in itself as you then have to take write access manually to each file that you wish to edit although it is a safer way of working.
N.B. We don't use a PDM system.
Any ideas?