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How to embed a specific excel sheet from a workbook with multiple work sheets

Question asked by Leo Oconnor on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

I am working on a drawing template that will have a sheet depicting the machine layout for an 8 spindle swiss style machine (Euroturn 8/32). Required information includes a position specific table with elements such as cams, feeds tools and such.


My initial approach was to embed a linked excel sheet to permit a relatively painless drawing update. The position specific content is contained on a master sheet and populates using variable names. In the attached example Machine Settings is the master and the Position sheets are populated from the content. The master sheet needs to be outside of Solidworks to permit authorized but non-CAD people to make the updates.


I found if using the move/copy function to create a stand alone version of a worksheet I am able to embed and update. I'd prefer to keep all of the content in one workbook if possible.


Assume I have a drawing with 9 sheets, is it possible to embed a unique excel worksheet on each drawing sheet from a single multi sheet workbook?


Is there an alternative to this approach?


The sheets on the attached file are protected with 1111. The protected set up allows data entry in green cells on the Machine Settings worksheet.