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Please help with moving a point into x-Axis!

Question asked by John Smith on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Chris Michalski

Im a max/maya user and i have been trying to move those points for 2 days now! On each side - the top and on the bottom there are 2 pyramid-formed Boundary Boss/Base extrusions to a 3d plane. Between them there is a point. I cannot move it up into X-Asis! Only to YZ! I would like to have no "gap" between those 2 pyramids - the point between them should be on the same height as the pyramids. Points are marked with arrows. Pyramids with lines. Please, i need help with this asap! If i cant pull it up, how can i REBUILD that face, so that i has the shape i want?