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Presuress loading from flow simulation to sw simulation

Question asked by Eric Li on Jul 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

        I encounter an interesting issue about pressure loading from flow simulation to sw simulation and ask for your help.



        I would like to get the resistance force  of one fan under different rotation speed. My strategy is that I get the pressure of blade by flow simulation through global rotation area firstly, then transmit the pressure result to simulation as a broundary condition of stress simulation. But the pressure always is zero and invalid in simulation if I add a rotation area in the flow simulation and transmit it to simulation, while the pressure is valid if I replace the rotation area with a straight wind along axis.


        I guess that the rotation area in flow simulation may affect the transmit of result to simulation. But I cannot get a clear explain on such phenomenon.

        you are very appreciated to share your experience and knowledge. thanks a lot.