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I need to raise a point/Vertex on a model!

Question asked by John Smith on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by John Smith

Hello, i need some help with my model! I am new to Solidworks. I am a Maya/3D max user and find modeling in Solid works a bit confusing and complicated. I have this model (on the picture) and i want to raise those 2 points/verticies between those pyramid shapes on my model. I dont want to have that "hole" pointing intside the model between them. Instead i have marked everything on the picture below! I marked the way i want my vertex to be located with red lines. Those pyramid shapes i made by drawing 2 sketches on 2 sides of the model ,then creating planes on 3D-Sketches parallel to those sides, then creating points where i want the highest point of those pyramids to be and then chosing my 4 side sketches and those points and applying Boundary Boss/Base! But i have no idea how to raise those vertexes between those pyramids... Thanks for help guys!2.jpgThanks for help!