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stability-Electrical wiring colors and diameters/.xml library

Discussion created by genexxer genexxer on Jul 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2008 by Kirk Jess
After leaving a connector looking great with all the wiring the right color and diameters, I return only to find it messed up with the wrong colors and diameters. Revisiting the wire editor shows that two wires are associated to one route. This happened all by itself(!).

Also the minimum bend radii, wire diameters, wire colors and other values in the user defined wire library I have have to be re-input since they revert to some magical default values.

Maybe the two above are linked?

Please confirm, deny and suggest possible remedies
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I am using routing in swx 2007 sp3.1. on x32 windows xp (4GB RAM)