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editing assemblies is effecting originals.

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Jun 29, 2015
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Hi there,    


So I have standard assemblies that I use that all clip together for work, we call them "modules". anyway so I clip (lets say 7) of these modules together. When I put our end kit on it, a couple pieces need to be removed as the connection detail does not need to be on there. So I click on that part and remove it -- however this deletes it from every single module. So I tried to be clever, and take OriginalModule -> save it as "Temporary Module" thinking that when I edit, "temp module" only that original will be effected. However Solid works worms its way through all of it and removes the pieces from both. How can I edit single parts of an assembly, or for that matter even a patterned assembly, without effecting the rest of them, and the original... there's no "make an assembly of each config" cause that would take a life time, I need to be able to cut certain sections at arbitrary lengths at anytime.


Cant attach a full assembly file as employer wouldnt like that, but just so you can see what im working with I sent a pic.