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Part Management

Discussion created by Jason Capriotti on Jul 11, 2007
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by dan burmenko
PDMWEnterprise and Workgroup both seem to more focus on managing documents. We sort of view it the other way with our existing home built mainframe system of "Parts" with one or more documents attached.

How does or can PDMWE handle this or rather does anyone have a similar setup? We often have one "Part" represented by several files. Sometimes this may be an Excel file followed by a SolidWorks o Autocad file. Sometimes it may be all 3. Usually they are different sheets of the same drawing.

We also have situations with very large assembly drawings were we had to break out the drawing into multiple files because its too unmanageable to work on one drawing file. Takes too long to load and too large a file (over 100mb).