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How to properly 3D print an assembly as one object? SW created multiple stl files for each part.

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

Hello, I have been 3D printing part files by saving them to STL format in SW. No problem. However, I am having problems in printing an assembly. My assembly contains a base and part1, part2, part3. All created and save as part format. To 3D print the entire assembly, I tried two approaches:


1. Just like what I did with parts, I saved the assembly as STL. For strange reason, SW created several STL files automatically. For example: base.stl, base-part1-1.stl, base-part2-1.stl, base-part3-1.stl. I am supposed to load one big stl file to the 3D printing software. Why SW created a stl file for each individual component part? I need one stl file where are the parts are located as I designed in assembly in SW.


2. Saved the assembly as a part file. Then, opened the part file and saved it as stl. This created one big stl file but when I opened it in the 3D printing software, some of the parts which are supposed to be solid became mostly support (printed in support material rather than abs filament). It seems that during the stl conversion process in SW, something wrong happened. I have tried the process three times but got the same issue.


Could anybody please help to resolve the issue? Thanks.