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    IV user looking at SW

    Chris Anon

      Hello all, I have been learning IV over about the last few months and I have been having huge headache's with its "adaptivity" feature. but it would be so useful if it worked properly.


      I would like to know if SW's "in-context" feature is more robust before I consider picking up sw.



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          J. Mather

          Of course it is, you  are asking on a SolidWorks forum.


          How much training have you budgeted?
          SolidWorks is a professional program and deserves (requires?) a professional level of training.

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              Jeff Mirisola

              Eh, I don't necessarily agree with that training statement. I taught myself SolidWorks and would say most others could as well. It's just a matter of wanting to learn it.


              As for in context features, they can be child-like. Usually behave pretty well, but sometimes they'll have you banging your head off your desk. There are many things that play into how well any one bit of a CAD program performs. Is your system up to snuff? Do you follow good practices? What about those working on a project with you?


              Personally, I hate in context features and use them as infrequently as possible. Mainly because I've been victimized too many times by other designers who change things without paying attention to the havoc said changes create. While it's nice to have changes propagate downstream, I'd much rather make the changes manually. It gives me piece of mind.