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    SolidWorks UserForm Macro - Controls from Textbox


      I have a macro with a user form to add custom properties to file. (part and assembly)

      It's working as required, but it is adding all property names to the file even if the values are empty.

      Below is the code that controls the function


      Function UpdateCustomPropsFromControls()


          Dim objControl As Control

          Dim objTextBox As Object

          Dim objControls As Controls   


          Set objControls = UserForm1.Controls


          For Each objControl In objControls

              If objControl.Tag <> "" Then

                  Set objTextBox = objControl


                  ModelDoc.DeleteCustomInfo2 cmbConfigToUpdate.text, objTextBox.Tag           

                  ModelDoc.AddCustomInfo3 cmbConfigToUpdate.text, objTextBox.Tag, swCustomInfoText, objTextBox.text


              End If


      End Function

      Can someone please modify this code, so that if a text box is empty or without any value, that property name shouldn't be added to the file properties


      Thanks in advance