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How to connect multiple points and form a surface?

Question asked by Ibraheem Harak on Jun 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by Alex Sully


I've been working on a project that is designing an aircraft.. and i've been doing my analysis on XFLR5, so consequently, the dimensions of all the A/C is on XFLR, I managed to export the points of definition and geometry of the fuselage/body of the A/C, and i could get them into solid works using macro, so i ended up with something like this:



so simply the question is,

if i have multiple points representing geometry of a fuselage body.. how can i connect them all and form an extruded (if it's called extruded  :/ ) surface for the body?? also should i reflect the points to form the other half of the body first, or should i reflect the surface itself after creating it for the right side only?

please reply ASAP