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    Cosmos fails to generate HTML reports

    Richard Wright

      I have a user that uses SolidWorks and when generating a report toHTML in Cosmos, all it seems to do is create the images and failsto write an HTML file for this.

      Is there anything i can check?

      The user currently has SolidWorks 2006, and this issue seems to beaffecting other users too

        • Cosmos fails to generate HTML reports
          genexxer genexxer
          I bet internet explorer isn't happy. Try the same thing on a pc that doesn't have any internet explorer customizations.

          This skirts the issue...but try saving as a MS Word document and see if that is working....assuming the user is right mousing on the reports object...then the choice of html or word is given in the dialog box. My preference is MS Word anyway since editing the report is always my first activity.