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Surface, Loft and Solid

Question asked by Vincenzo Ccc on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2015 by Vincenzo Ccc

Hi everybody.
I've been using SW for a week now. I studied the basic and CSWA/CSWP preparation tutorial.
Now, I'd like to create something by myself, so I thought a kind of scooter (I mean the one for children!).

I have already built the base and two brackets: one for the wheel and one for the handlebar.
I started by the one for the handlebar.
I created a solid that fits on the base and another one for the shaft of the handlebar.
Now I need to join the two solids with a kind of bracket. I thought with a loft but I found lots of errors and difficulties.
I managed with a loft surface but obviously it is a surface and doesn't get holed by other function!
Can you help me?

PS: in the file the sketch Schizzo3D9 is the one i used for the loft.