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how do you setup a 2 resistor model without the ECM

Question asked by Jeff Jones on Jun 26, 2015

I am trying to simulate the junction temps of some critical ICs in our new camera.  I do not have the electronics cooling module.  From some reading that I have done, it does not appear that I "need" to have it for what I am doing.  However, it is not clear how I am supposed to setup the problem.  For instance, how do I apply the thermal resistances of the two bodies in the model (junction to case and junction to board) and then how to and where do I apply the heat source.  I am assuming that with the thermal resistances that I do not have to apply a "material" to the solid bodies.  Currently, I just set the ICs to "gold" as it say in the Flow Simulation tutorial and then add a volume heat source to the IC and let it run.  I question the use of gold as a material for this application but I don't know what other material (custom or close approximation) to use for this method. 


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.