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    Bring back the EPDM Context Menu in Solidworks

    Carsten Wesseler

      Hi everybody,


      we just switched to EPDM 2015 Sp3.

      Our users are very annoyed that Solidworks made a submenu for the EPDM commands.

      Now you have to do more clicks than in Verison 2014 and earlier.

      Why the hell is Solidworks doing such things, don't they work with their software?!

      They should give the user the option to use the old style menu or this bugging new one.

      You now can't see if a file is checked out or not (the command is always black andnot grey if the option isn't available) and if you click on it and the file is already checked out you get the message that the option isn't available...

      Using the Taskpane EPDM isn#t an option at the moment as it slows every extremly down in our enviroment (and SWX Support doesn't now why...).


      Does anybody know a way to get the direct integration back?!


      Regards, Carsten

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          Ben Fisher

          Your Right Click Menu is fully customizable!!

          All you have to do is get your EPDM admin to configure your right click menu from his admin interface and youre good to go





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            Richard Bremmer

            I believe the commands have been moved to submenus to improve EPDM performance, especially for WAN environments.


            There is still one way to use commands directly and that is by assigning "mouse gestures".


            RMB on any toolbar and choose "customize", than select the tab "mouse gestures" and choose category Enterpise PDM.


            FYI I couldn't find these commands in 2016 B2.

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              Seamus Agnew

              I had the same question and my VAR passed on the following


              In Enterprise PDM 2014 and previous versions, when the Enterprise PDM add-in is active in SOLIDWORKS and a file is loaded from the file vault, right-clicking files in the FeatureManager tree or right-clicking the model in the graphics area will show the Enterprise PDM file actions (Get latest version, Check out, Check in, Undo check out, Properties) in the context menu.

              Depending on what actions are possible for the selected file, the actions will be enabled or disabled (grayed out).  For example, when right-clicking a checked-out file, the check in action is available but not the check out action. See attached "EPDM_SW_Addin_Menu_2014.jpg".

              In order to show contextually appropriate actions in the menu, the pre-2015 add-in has to make calls to the SQL server to see what EPDM menu options should be shown in the SOLIDWORKS context menu.  In high latency environments, especially when working in a vault over slower network connections in WAN or replicated environments, these calls could at times take seconds and cause SOLIDWORKS to feel slow.  This is not as noticeable if the network connection to the SQL server is fast, such as on LAN clients or local installs.

              In Enterprise PDM 2015, further improvements have been made.  The context menus are shown but have been moved into a submenu flyout so that they do not get selected and add overhead in slower WAN environments.  No registry file is required to take advantage of this change and if you previously had the registry values for this workaround enabled you should remove the registry entries if you are now running EPDM 2015.