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Bring back the EPDM Context Menu in Solidworks

Question asked by Carsten Wesseler on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by Randy Miller

Hi everybody,


we just switched to EPDM 2015 Sp3.

Our users are very annoyed that Solidworks made a submenu for the EPDM commands.

Now you have to do more clicks than in Verison 2014 and earlier.

Why the hell is Solidworks doing such things, don't they work with their software?!

They should give the user the option to use the old style menu or this bugging new one.

You now can't see if a file is checked out or not (the command is always black andnot grey if the option isn't available) and if you click on it and the file is already checked out you get the message that the option isn't available...

Using the Taskpane EPDM isn#t an option at the moment as it slows every extremly down in our enviroment (and SWX Support doesn't now why...).


Does anybody know a way to get the direct integration back?!


Regards, Carsten