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Flat pattern of part with lances

Discussion created by Ethan Kay on Jul 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2007 by Kenneth Barrentine

I am trying to create a flat pattern of a part with alance.  I have tried it two ways and neither seems towork.  The lance never flattens when the flat pattern isunsuppressed.  The part is a stamped sheet metal part and isbent into an L shape. There is a lance feature on either side ofthe L


The First time I tried this I added the lance as the lastfeature, when I made the flat pattern the lances did not change toa flat, if I suppress the feature and show the sketch one is goodbut the other is not on the flat but sitting out in space where itis added to the part.


In order to compensate for this I added the lances before thepart is bent to the L shape.  When I make the flat pattern thelances do not suppress and make the rest of the part move so theflat pattern is out of plain and I would need to make a new viewnormal to the face in order to make the drawing, but I still havethe lance features sticking out. If I try the trick of suppressingand showing the sketch all of my features on that side of the partfail as soon as I suppress the lance feature.


Does anyone know a way to actually make this work or am I going tohave suppress the feature like I did on my first try and just drawthe sketch for the lance in the drawing