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    Removing Trailing Zeros on a Tolerance

    Matthew Wright


      I'm currently using SW 2013, is there a way to automatically remove the trailing zeros on tolerances?

      For example a dim with a unit prescision of ".123" will show as: 12 ±0.500 and I have to change the tolerance prescision every time to remove the zeroes...


      I've got trailing zeros set to remove under Dimensions but this doesn't seem to affect tolerances.



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          R. Vignesh



          Close all your documents in SolidWorks.

          File<Open<New Drawing.

          Go to Tools<Options,Document Properties<Dimensions, there you set the precision value to your required value and say Ok.

          Go to File<Save As, Drawing Template.

          Now whenever you will create a new drawing using the created drawing template your precision value will always be correct.



          Hope this helps.


          Thanks & Regards,


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              Matthew Wright

              Thanks for the reply,


              I had the templates set up so that the Tolerance Prescision was "same as nominal" and it was adding trailing zeros when the tolerance was less than the  ".123" unit prescision.

              After setting the Tolerance Prescision to ".1" the the tolerance now has no trailing zeros. Also when changing the tolerance to say ±0.125 it will update the prescision to ".123" instead of rounding it.