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Is it possible to use a design table to call out different weldment profiles?

Question asked by Andrew Kuchta on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Bart Goormans

Hello everyone,


So this is a question that has gone through the forums a few different times I suppose but in SW15 the answer needs to be different. Previous solutions had suggested linking the weldment profile sketch dimensions to the design table. The issue I see with this is that the same profile is being used for all the configurations. This is a problem for me because I want to cost the weldments as well, so I need a different profile for each different configuration I have. For some background on this, I am working with a part that has all of our tube and pipe configurations. I am currently changing these parts from extrusions to weldments so they can be priced. Thus, it would be very helpful to call out the correct weldment profile for each configuration from the design table.