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how can I input a time dependent humidity into simulation general settings?  the dependency button is inactive  when I choose the humidity of air in initial settings

Question asked by Zhuo Chen on Jun 25, 2015

in the wizard or general settings, I choose the air as my fluid and I choose humidity under to try to make my simulation better. The problem is  the dependency button is inactive  when I try to put a set of time dependent data into initial conditions, which, I can not put my humidity data in.


it is understandable that the time dependent data can be set in boundary condition. it is easy to realize settings of humidity in boundary condition. I want to know is about those in initial conditions.


is any body know how to put time dependence data into initial conditions or where else to put in so that I can set it as my general climate initial conditions.


thanks in advance. urgent for an project.IMG_6322.JPG