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IFC 4.0 Export - Properties

Question asked by Alexander Blickle on Jun 26, 2015


I use SWX as a BIM-Tool in the construction Industry. For this IFC 4.0 is a great Option to integrate processes.

I tried the IFC 4.0 Export and it works good.


I have 2 very important Needs!!!


- XYZ --> Rotatation mode for the Export as a check-box or using a coordination System like the AEC-Export


- The properties of the parts must be exported!!!! very very important!!! BIM needs all these properties. Without properties IFC makes no sense!!! --> IFCpropertysets

- Import of IFC-Files with properties


Please implement this in 2016. I wait since years for this ;-) It would help to do my Job a lot of better!!! Solidworks is a fantastic tool for AEC-Business!!!


Alexander Blickle