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File properties values of custom disappear in BOM after upgrading to 2015

Question asked by Ole Opsahlseter on Jun 25, 2015

Newbee in forum...   Sorry if this has been discussed before, can't find solution or thread about this


I have made some templates under SolidWorks 2014 and after upgrading to 2015 the values from the Custom field has dissaperard in the BOM...

BOM empty.jpg


It should look like this

BOM full.jpg


I have placed this information in the Custom field of the File Properties

File properties_Custom.jpg

The rest is placed into the Configuration Specific and shows correctly

File properties_Config specific.jpg


If I move the Description from Custom to Config Specific it will show up correctly... 

Are there a solution to make the Custom Summary information show or do I have too move all my Custom File properties to Config specific?



Files that origins from 2014 dont have this proplem even if I make a new drawing with new BOM in 2015  ???  confused..  AND afraid this will change in the future and I have a major workload to move all this information from custom to configuration specific for all my old drawings,  hope I dont have to.

Am I using Solidworks wrong from the start?    I came from Inventor in my last work and made the best out of it...  and it worked fine in 2014 version :-p


The custom made File properties in assemblies are still working fine for the title block information and cutom made tables

File properties_Custom__Assemblies.jpg

File properties_Custom__title block drawing.jpg



Thanks for any replies


Regards Ole