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    Strange rebuild behaviour

    Al Larson

      This is an issue most, if not all solidworks users encounter.  Parts or assemblies that show a rebuild icon regardless of how many times they are rebuilt or saved.  Resaving or ctrl+q refrenced items usually will resolve this issue for me.


      This time, I am getting something new.  When I rebuild or save the upper level assembly, with the root assembly file (the one with the persistent rebuild icon) open, SW switches to the lower level file without saving or rebuilding the upper level file.



      I am at a loss

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          Scott Harvey

          I have not experienced your specific problem you explain in your last paragraph.


          I have found the problem you are experience you explain in your first paragraph is due to either a circular referencing problem or the file the assembly/part needs to rebuild from is not solved.  I see a lot of ? in your assembly.  I would open up those parts and rebuild and they should update in your assembly.


          If you draw out block diagram (by hand I mean) how your assembly has to build you might discover circular referencing problems.  If a reference goes back to part file then to build to an assembly but then that's used to adjust another location on the part file......might cause hiccups.

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            John Stoltzfus

            Question marks bother me a lot more then the circular rebuilds, unless that part has both, then it's time for something else.. 


            Scott said it best when it comes to circular rebuilds.