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When is EPDM getting better?

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Arie Van Gelderen

EPDM is a great tool, but it has a lot of work to be done and there hasn't been any really considerable functionality added since I started using in 2009. Software years are like Dog years, so 6 releases without any considerable improvements is a lot of time!


I know there's another thread with EPDM ideas and I should submit mine to the ER process, but it just feels its an abandoned step child... here a few things I'd LOVE to see:


  • Truly integrate SolidWorks and EPDM!!!!!
    • We shouldn't have to create placeholder Variables to Map MetaData (Properties), this creates a lot of room for issues.
      • Having to create an additional Version on SW files just to "Refresh" variables like Revision is ridiculous.
    • Sync the Revision Tables in SW Drawings to the EPDM Revisions!!!!
    • Ability to automatically propagate Custom Properties to referenced files (ie Push Part Number info from Model to it's corresponding Drawing).
    • SW should now when a File is not Cached, instead of missing
    • Ability to  make  "Get As-Build" the default  vs "Get Latest" when caching files.
    • Better Management of Configurations
      • Allow configurations to have their own Revision Count (should be an option on Configuration Properties)
    • Better Management of Virtual Parts
    • Better Management of Cut-List Items (ability to disable them for non-weldment parts)
  • Allow to design/import forms from Visual Studio for Data, Search, and Template Cards
    •      The Card Editor is EXTREMELY limited and it bogs down the potential of the entire system. Searches and DataCards could allow more robust customization if it wasn't for the Card Editor.
  • Control the Copying or "Save As" of files
    • It's great to lock down modification of files with permissions, but this just makes Users create uncontrolled copies.
    • There should be a tool to identify/visualize offspring of a File, and even better would be to simple be able to eventually merge one of these branches in a Traceable manner.
  • Easy way to customized email notifications
    • Allow different templates to be used and for different triggers



Those are the ones I can remember for now, I'll add more as they cross me:


I know there are many WORKAROUNDS the stuff i'm listing, but that is not the reason for this thread.