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    Pack And Go

    Jayant Nayar

      Does anyone know if I can pack and go the same part multiple times, (i.e. have one single part, with its drawing, show up in a folder 10 times with a different name)?


      I have to make one dimension change in all these parts. Is there a way to automate the process of changing one dimension but having it saved as different parts. The OD of the part changes in each case and nothing else does, is there a macro I need to run to do this? I don't want to pack and go the original part, then open the part, put the new OD in update the drawing. I have some 60 parts to do this to and will get very tedious? Is there a faster way??


      Thanks for any help I can get!!

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          Jared Trotter

          You can go to your feature tree and create multiple configurations of that part. Even faster, you could create a design table to add multiple configurations.

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            Jim Steinmeyer

            I am interested in the use of Pack-N-Go, Unless you plan to send these models and drawings to someone off site I am not sure of the need. You can easily create a model and drawing and then do a save-as of both to a new name. You will need to make sure the new drawing is pointed to the new part for the information. Ask if you need to know how to do that. If you need to send the drawings  for someone to create parts or something, you can save each drawing as a pdf without having to send the model. As suggested before you can create a design table to control the diameter, part number and description. You could then create a macro that would change the configuration, open the drawing and save a pdf for each drawing. Not sure if you would save much time over just doing it by repetition if you are not familiar with making macros but then this could give you experience to do something similar later and save time then.

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              Eric Blankinship

              Unless these files are meant to be all independent and version A & B can't be in the same file the best solution would be to use configurations.  This way you can have all 10 versions of the O.D. in one model and only need to pack & go the model once without needing to change the file name. 


              As for the drawing side of thing you can either show off all versions of the model by placing in multiple views and having each set to a different configuration, or you could have the dimension that changes called out as a letter and then that letter corresponds with a dimension in a table specifying Part Numbers and what value is given for the letter for each Part Number.  Method two can be made even simpler by linking it directly to a design table.


              If it's absolutely necessary to have all the files separated and not one model then check out this forum thread. save configurations as individual parts

              You'd still need to create the configurations for the versions but once there this would allow you to quickly save off all versions to separate files