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Fatigue analysis:  2015

Question asked by Roy Dean on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Roy Dean

I have completed fatigue analysis in 2014, but this is the first one I've attempted since switching to 2015.    No matter how many studies I have (including an uber simple static study that I created that puts my part in pure tension), I still get the "You need one or more static, nolinear [sic] or linear dynamic to perform Fatigue Analysis.   Note, studies containing beams only are excluded." error.


I have two "nolinear" studies (actually "noNlinear"), and one static (the above mentioned super simple pure tension study), yet it won't let me pick any of them for analysis.   What am I missing here?!?!


These are axi-symmetric 2d simplifications.... does that kill the fatigue solver?