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    How do I clear a License from usage? SolidNetWork

    James Lupinek

      Hello All,


      My Simulation computer locked up and had to be hard shut down. Now the Flow Simulation & Solidworks Pro licenses that were allocated to my sim computer are still hung up and show that they are in use from the crashed session. So now I can't use flow simulation, because I have reached maximum license usage on my server. Shutting down the server during working hours is not a real good option for my engineering department. However I can't seem to find anyway via the server to boot someone from a license. Does the feature exist in any form?


      Thank you in advance,



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          James Lupinek

          The issue will correct itself after about 4 hours.


          I do however find it hard to believe that the "SolidNetWork Licence Manager" does not really allow you to manage the licenses. But rather lets you observe who is currently using them. I think it is poor design to not allow an admin to simply kick/boot a user from a license.


          The same gui used to "borrow" a license within the manager is what should be set up for the internal usage. I should be able to see a list of users currently using a license, and simply hit a return license button. The user would then just see the same pop ups they see when a license server drops out. Save your documents etc.


          Food for thought...



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            Asdfa Afsdaff

            In earlier versions, I was able to close a user's license by force.  Unfortunately, my script doesn't work any more.  I think the license management software is FlexIM, is it not?  Search their forums, I think that's where I found the technique.

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              Brian Titus

              I guess it all depends on whether the computer "borrowed" the license or not.

              Normally we just restart the license server and it fixed it.


              If the license is borrowed, we have to kill it at the client side.

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                Ron Chappell

                You could instead of rebooting the server just restart the SolidNetwork license server service to clear the hung entries, this would only take a short period of time and other users would probably not even notice.

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                  Ori Kaplan

                  I agree with Ron's reply about restarting the SLM.

                  For hung up licenses such as the current case you're describing you can also apply the Flexlm lmutil lmremove command.


                  Copying from their spec:


                  The lmremove utility allows you to remove a single user’s license for a specified feature. If the application is active, it

                  rechecks out the license shortly after it is freed by lmremove. Note that lmadmin’s default setting disables lmremove.

                  To enable lmremove, start lmadmin with the -allowLicenseReclaim argument.


                  lmremove [-c license_file_list] feature user user_host display


                  lmremove [-c license_file_list] -h feature server_host port handle


                  Best regards,

                  Ori Kaplan

                  OpenLM License Management

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                    Peter De Vlieger

                    Of late we've been having issues with 'zombie' licenses ourselves. There's one machine that whenever we use SW on it that hardly ever releases the license as it should. There are no running SW processes, nor any other issues with that machine, on the same network as the rest of the machines and the servers. It does occasionally happen with other machines as well but not nearly as frequent.

                    Not even shutting down the offending PC makes the SLM realise the particular license isn't in use any more. Which is the reason I call it a zombie license.


                    To make matters really strange, it does release the Premium license without a hitch in every case, it's just the Standard license that doesn't get released. But seeing as that you've can't run Premium without a Standard, the situation is nevertheless snafu'ed.


                    Waiting four hours for the SLM to come to its senses isn't an option. So there for someone has to log on to the server, clicking the stop and start buttons in the License Server and all's fine again.

                    Having to rely on 3rd party tools to fix this kind of problem seems rather odd to me.

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                        John Layne

                        We currently have two stuck licenses.

                        Stopping and starting the license server didn't work, neither did a reboot of the whole server.

                        Our VAR logged in remotely and was unable to fix the issue; our VAR is in the process of getting a tool/support from SolidWorks to return the licenses.

                        This experience is frustrating , we only recently transferred our licences to network licences, thinking it would make it easier. It's been the opposite, and we think it might be better to go back to the standalone licence option.

                        Our VAR has sent through a temp licence, that will get us up and running, but have a user going to China for three weeks tomorrow and if this isn't fixed we are going very unhappy SolidWorks customers.