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How to effectively show the cost of an assembly?

Question asked by Andrew Kuchta on Jun 23, 2015

Hey everyone,


So for the past few weeks I have been wrestling with SW costing, and I am finally making some good headway into making it useful for business. Here is my current issue; I cannot figure out how to usefully show the cost of a fairly complicated assembly. The assembly has a few subassemblies, and so my issue arises in how to get a total cost of the assembly. In the BOM, if I show parts only, I can total the prices without too much issue. However, if I want to show top level only, is there any way to have a subassembly cost be linked as a property to the subassembly? And the subassembly will be subjected to change, so I can't just type the subassembly cost in as a property.