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HP Printer T790 issues..

Question asked by Roy Potter on Jun 24, 2015

My client has the T790 printer  and from SW2014-2015 I've had issues with printing.

When setting an A2 to print A1, or printing an A1 the output is squashed. I.E. the drawing border measures 420mm in the file but scaled to fit output, on the plotter measures 270mm (not cropped, squashed).

I've had issues when there is shaded view on the drawing but, in this case, it seems to be some graphics that are part of the drawing format. If I delete them I get a full size print.

I've updated the printer driver and my graphics  driver to the SW recommended ones.

The printer is a networked print.

Anyone seen this behaviour? I have contacted my VAR but I'm sure it will get passed by and blamed on the driver without a resolution.

With the same border it prints ok from AutoCAD Lt2015