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"Clipped" linear dimension to section view possible?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 24, 2015
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Good morning,

I'm trying to put a linear dimension on a section view as requested by the machine shop (double arrows to left side of dimension line pointing to the opposite end of plate).  I wouldn't think this would be impossible to achieve with Solidworks.  I've been looking online for info related to this and can only locate articles from back in 2006 on up to about 2011 or so.  Is there a new feature in the later versions that I'm not aware of to do this?  I saw some info that you can just dimension in the main view, then either hold Shift or Ctrl and drag to the section view but its not working for me.  And the Insert Model items options doesn't appear to work either.  See below to clarify what I'm trying to do.  Thanks in advance!