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solidworks student edition installation failure

Question asked by Benjamin La Mar on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Jeff Mirisola

I have tried everything to get this beast installed but it keeps failing with the same eroors

- We had a previous version installed and operating until it expired.

- Uninstalled the expired version

- Get errors installing the 2014-2015 version

- Uninstalled everytihng

- Cleaned registry of all solidworks references

- Cleaned registry using ccleaner and rebooted

- Re-started installation and it failed again with the same error

- Initially it says it can't create a registry key and you need to be an admin (we are an admin on the local system)

- After the initial registry error at about 26 percent completion it continues and gets a fatal error at 36 percent which kicks us back to the end of the installation including a failed install message


What else can I try??


I am attaching the most recent installation log (since removed per recommendation by Jeff @ SW)