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    solidworks student edition installation failure

    Benjamin La Mar

      I have tried everything to get this beast installed but it keeps failing with the same eroors

      - We had a previous version installed and operating until it expired.

      - Uninstalled the expired version

      - Get errors installing the 2014-2015 version

      - Uninstalled everytihng

      - Cleaned registry of all solidworks references

      - Cleaned registry using ccleaner and rebooted

      - Re-started installation and it failed again with the same error

      - Initially it says it can't create a registry key and you need to be an admin (we are an admin on the local system)

      - After the initial registry error at about 26 percent completion it continues and gets a fatal error at 36 percent which kicks us back to the end of the installation including a failed install message


      What else can I try??


      I am attaching the most recent installation log (since removed per recommendation by Jeff @ SW)

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          Jeff Mirisola


          Remove your file as it will contain serial number information that shouldn't be out there for public consumption.


          It looks like you're getting a 1406 error, is this correct? Is this happening on one computer, or multiple? Are you getting any other error messages?

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              Benjamin La Mar

              Hi Jeff and thanks for the reply


              I will remove the attachment asap.


              I am not sure I am getting the 1406 error; I’m hoping you can confirm this with the install log. 


              This is happening on a single system, the first we have tried moving to the newer version on, but it is the system we really need it installed on.


              The installation starts fine and at about 31% it encounters the first error which is an inability to create a registry key – reports that you need administrative privileges in order to do so [which we have] – then, a couple percent later it encounters the fatal error which is something like unable to install the installation manager, something/execute failed.  Then it rolls back and stops.


              I have tried the installation as a different administrative user with the identical results.  This system had the previous version installed and functioning but it expired.




              I could really use some suggestions.


              Thanks in advance.





              Benjamin La Mar

              TeamLogic IT



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                  Jeff Mirisola

                  What are the system specs? Have you tried with the A/V turned off?

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                      Benjamin La Mar

                      It is a pretty generic Dell tower, specs are:

                      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Model 42 Stepping 7
                      CPU Speed3401
                      CPU Count8
                      RAM (MB)8174


                      Running Windows 7 Pro SP1


                      Have the system requirements changed appreciably since the previous version?  Nothing has changed on this system with regard to A/V or anything since the prior version was installed.  I have not removed virus protection to try the install but am also quite confident that the errors I am seeing are not related to anti virus etc. 


                      Is there an un-installation cleanup utility available to confirm COMPLETE and proper removal of an installed version???


                      I have new .zip files generated last night during my most recent installation attempt, would you like to see those?


                      Lastly - what support options are available to me besides this interaction?  We have a legitimate license.

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                  Jeff Mirisola


                  Your available resources can be found on this page. For whatever reason, support services are limited with education versions, but there is support for installation issues. There's a link on the page I referred to.


                  Any clean install I've done has been manual. I uninstall the software first. I then search my hard drive, including hidden files, and delete any SolidWorks files. I then go into the registry and remove any files from SolidWorks and Dassault. Next is ccleaner and then a reboot.