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Subassembly component pattern not updating

Question asked by Dave Lonsdale on Jun 24, 2015



Please can someone advise me if I have done something wrong or if I have found one of Solidworks quirks?


I have an assembly driven by a design table for some security barsets. My design table takes the overall size of the opening/window that the barset will be fitted to and calculates a grid to fill the overall size with modules based on the following rules:

1) the maximum length of an edge of a module shall not exceed 1299mm.

2) the maximum perimeter of the module shall not exceed 4000mm.


The module is a subassembly and has configurations for how the barest is fitted to the building (face fix or reveal fix) and where a particular instance of this appears the grid (eg, the top left corner will be a different configuration to a right middle configuration).


The module is basically a 4 piece angle frame with vertical round bar at 115mm max pitches and horizontal flat bar at 200mm max pitches. I am using a curve driven component patterns to fill the module with the round and flat bars and using equations to determine the number instances there should be based on the module size.


My problem is these patterns don't update when the opening size is changed in the top level assembly. Sometimes there are instances missing, sometimes there are extra instances.


When they do not update a Ctrl Q does not work in the top level assembly, nor does it work if I open the subassembly and press Ctrl Q. I have to actually edit the pattern feature for
it to work.
They do not show an error, they just don’t update.


I have tried all the pattern types but none update properly. Is there something fundamental that I have done wrong?


Another issue is that sometimes, mainly if the top level assembly is quite big, I get the following error messages:

1) When closing the design table: “Microsoft is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action”

2) When saving the top level assembly: “An unknown error occurred while accessing 804XXX_STANDARD MODULE…”

I have attached the model for reference.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Dave