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Piping - Representing Valve Tags from P&ID in SW Model

Question asked by Sathish Kumar Balasubramanian on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by David Foster

HI SW Piping Routers,


My Task in Piping is to develop a 3D Model of oil and gas Process skid Piping, we have lot of tag nos available for each component in P&ID, I want to bring the valve tags given in P&ID for each model. so when i click on a component it shows the tag also. Meanwhile in Drawing also i can see that tag number. So the work looks fulfilled at the end


Eg, If i have 1" Ball valve having tags V001, V002 ... V010


My query is weather we have to make number of same sized models with different tag to get the desired output which i needed or we can configure the model with different valve tags

Any support on this query