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Moving files out of PDM

Question asked by Jim Stone on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Jim Stone

There's been a bit of discussion about getting files into EPDM lately. What about getting them out?


Due to selling off a division, we have one folder in PDM that needs to be transferred out of PDM to a shared folder location (wouldn't be my choice location, but that's not my concern at this point). We don't allow duplicate file names, so duplicates aren't an issue. We were thinking of a pack and go on a couple of top levels but there seem to be a lot of orphans that are also needed.


Any reason not to just copy the entire folder contents as-is? There are no subfolders and I don't believe there should be any references to files in other EPDM folders. Anything to worry about with a straight copy?


Or maybe a single-folder version of Shawn Pantzke's suggestion in this thread? -  Export All SolidWorks Files with relation from EPDM