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    Moving files out of PDM

    Jim Stone

      There's been a bit of discussion about getting files into EPDM lately. What about getting them out?


      Due to selling off a division, we have one folder in PDM that needs to be transferred out of PDM to a shared folder location (wouldn't be my choice location, but that's not my concern at this point). We don't allow duplicate file names, so duplicates aren't an issue. We were thinking of a pack and go on a couple of top levels but there seem to be a lot of orphans that are also needed.


      Any reason not to just copy the entire folder contents as-is? There are no subfolders and I don't believe there should be any references to files in other EPDM folders. Anything to worry about with a straight copy?


      Or maybe a single-folder version of Shawn Pantzke's suggestion in this thread? -  Export All SolidWorks Files with relation from EPDM

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          Michael Dekoning



          Have you looked at the Copy Tree function in EPDM? It will gather up all the file references of assemblies and let you copy the files to an external folder if desired.

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              Jim Stone

              Thanks, Michael.


              But isn't Copy Tree run on assemblies, just like Pack and Go? If I could define a handful of top level assemblies that contained everything, that would be great, but that's difficult to weed out and I've already determined that there are many parts, drawings and assemblies that don't report to anything else yet, so those would be left behind.


              The files are all in one folder and seem to be self contained within that folder - they shouldn't be referencing anything external. That being the case, I was thinking I could just copy the folder as-is. There are about 1600 files in the folder.

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              Wayne Marshall

              Hi Jim,


              One simple approach to do this could be to set up a fresh Vault View on the new Server then after logging in use the  'Get Latest Version'  command on the Folders you want to 'migrate'. If you then 'Delete File Vault View' and select the option to keep files in the Cache then you will be left with a folder structure as per the vault View and all the files you cached (as the latest version), with all references defined correctly.


              If you do just copy the Folder and you have any old versions of any of the files cached there is a chance that you may get an out of date file in your copied dataset.


              Hope that helps


              Wayne Marshall

              Customer Support Manager

              Solid Solutions Management Ltd.

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                  Jim Stone

                  Thanks, Wayne.


                  I saw that option and was leaning in that direction - except that the Copy To location is just a shared folder; it's not another PDM location (again, not my choice).


                  That's why I'm thinking that as long as I've done a Get Latest, I should be able to just copy everything from the PDM folder to the shared folder and be done with it. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.