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Copy Sheets in Drawings while Maintaining Dimensions

Question asked by Kenneth Hockaday on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

I am working on a layout of the plant I work at solely using the drawing feature in Solidworks. I realize that Solidworks may not be the best software for this type of project, but I have gotten it to work so far. The problem I am having that I am trying to copy one sheet from the drawing and insert it into the main sheet and align it in the correct place. To accomplish this, I am trying to make the top lines of my drawing and the area I am trying to place it colinear. However, when I try to this, several lines in the copied drawing lose their spacing and do not move into position. Is there a way to lock the dimensions of the copied drawing without fixing there location or going through and setting all the spacing between the lines using smart dimensions and then use the colinear function (or any function that would get it to work) to make all the lines move into the position while keeping their spacing and relations to one another? I have tried the copy entities feature and checked "keep relations," but I am not getting that method to work.


Attached is the file I am working with. I am trying to move the drawing in the "Offices" sheet into the correct position on the drawing in the "Factory Floor" sheet.