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How to export simulated geometry from a static simulation

Question asked by Dominik Haferkamp on Jun 23, 2015

Hello everyone,


I designed a titanium Conrod. The piston pin is not allowed to touch the titanium alloy in order to not instantly wear off the titanium. To stick to this condition I pressed in a copper shell, 0,04 mm bigger than the Conrod's inner diameter.


I set up a static analysis and defined the contact between the copper shell and the Conrod as interference fit / tight fit ( I don't know the exact english term) , meshed the assembly and simulated it.


Now the inner diameter of the copper shell changed to approx. 18.973.

The next thing I want to do is to "mill" the inner Diameter back to 19mm + my tolerance.


I tried to do this via rightclicking "Results" in the Simulation and choose "Create Body from Simulation".

The problems I found out using this method are the following:

- By creating a new configuration within the assembly I am not able to create a new feature that gets the inner diamter back to 19mm

- By creating a new part my whole assembly will be saved as 1 part and the next simulations will not be accurate due to me not being able to define contact boundary conditions between each part of the assembly as now everything is one part.


Maybe anyone had the same problem as me beforre and can contribute something to solve the Problem? I'd appreciate very much if you take some time to write down something.