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Is it Possible to Continue Pipe Routing after we Mirror / Pattern the piping components if both routings are similar

Question asked by Sathish Kumar Balasubramanian on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Peter De Vlieger

HI guys,


I am working on skid packages which has 1 tank & 2 pumps (operating & standby). Most of the Pump suction and discharge will have similar routing, only the discharge at the final component  may change depending on the service.


So i preferred to work on Pattern / Mirror the piping components after i do 1 route. But is it right practice or not I am worried. Also I want to start continuing the routing from the Mirrored / Patterned components. but i cant able to fix the Mirrored / Patterned Components. If i route the pipe and give distance the mirrored components gets shifted but the mother component remains same.


Need suggestion on this.