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Iterative formulas in design tables

Question asked by Dave Lonsdale on Jun 22, 2015

Hi All


Although not strictly a solidworks issue I'm hoping someone can help me.


I have a design table that takes an opening size which is inputted by the user, and divides it into an x by y grid based on the following rules:

1) the maximum length of one edge of a cell in the grid does not exceed 1299mm.

2) the maximum perimeter of each cell does not exceed 4000mm.


So for example, an opening of 1500x1000mm would produce a 2x1 grid with each cell being 750x1000mm.


The problem I have is trying to implement the 2nd rule. At the minute I have an IF statement that adds an extra cell if the perimeter exceeds 4000mm. However sometimes an extra 2 or 3 cells are needed so for larger openings this does not work. I imagine the best way to do it would be an iterative formula which looks at the cell perimeter and if it is over 4000mm adds cells to the rows and columns until the cell perimeter is reduced sufficiently.


This kind of thing is new to me and I can't find anything helpful in the help files. Can anybody help with this?


I have attached the design table for you to look at. The calculations are on the calculations sheet (unsurprisingly) and it would be cells F12 and F13 that I would want to keep adding to until cell F19<=4000.


Many thanks in advance.